What if the things we considered to be “flaws” weren’t actually flaws at all? What if they were just a piece of our story, the part that makes us different & unique? Just a small fraction of what makes us, us.

💊 What if my chronic illness wasn’t a flaw, what if it is just a part of me that makes me appreciate the good days more than those around me.

🧠 What if my anxiety and depression was viewed as rocky road to travel that will eventually lead me to become the best version of myself through therapy & medication.

💖 What if me being an empath and true #2 as an enneagram was just me bringing more LOVE & SUPPORT to the world instead of a part of me that others deem as weak?

🌟 I thought about that today when Wyatt asked me why he has Autism. I listened as the carefully chosen words fell out of my mouth…

💙 “Wyatt, you are who you are because you were perfectly made that way. Your Autism is a piece of you, it’s the part that sometimes makes it difficult to communicate socially. But, it’s also the part that makes math easy for you, that makes you so incredibly smart. It’s also the part that makes you so sweet, observant, and caring. It’s what makes you, you – it’s not a flaw, it’s something you should be PROUD of.” 💙

🗣 What if I spoke to myself with the kindness I show others. What if my flaws aren’t really flaws at all? What if they’re just part of the delicate puzzle that makes me, me. What if EVERYONE had these unique pieces, too?