Many of you know that little Wyatt has a fierce case of eczema on his tush. So we are very careful when choosing what products touch his skin. He has to use sensitive wipes, diapers, free and clear detergent, etc. So when I was sent Pinxav {pronounced “Pink-Salve”} to try I was a little nervous, but really excited to try it. I did a little research about the company and was pleasantly surprised.

According to the website:

Pinxav is the most trusted name in diaper rash treatment—since 1927—and uses a proven formula. It also contains more zinc oxide (30%) than other diaper rash brands. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, zinc oxide is the key ingredient in helping to heal and protect a baby’s skin from diaper rash. Pinxav’s thickness and unique adhesive quality also create a barrier that helps prevent further flare-ups. Compared with other products, healing time with Pinxav is faster and skin treated with it enjoys relief longer.”

What’s great about their website is that you can read testimonials. And I figured- if the product has been around since 1927, and so many people are raving about it- they must be doing something right over there at Pinxav headquarters!
So I gave it a go and started using it on Wyatt. Right out of the gate I loved the creamy texture of the ointment. It was easy to smooth along little one’s tush and it covered nicely. It is pink in color, which I love. It adds a little something to the mundane task of changing a diaper.
The thing about Wyatt’s eczema is that it gets worse with heat, sweat, etc. So he “flares-up” under these circumstances. His little tush and crotch area get very red and irritated. I have to say that I noticed a difference within a day when using this product.
His tush was less irritated than usual and that made me so happy. It’s difficult to watch him scratch and be in any type of discomfort, so finally feeling like we are going in the right direction with his eczema made me feel at ease.

I made sure that Wyatt had a fair amount on him before bedtime this way he is less likely to get irritated by all of that extra moisture {since it’s the longest period he goes without a diaper change}. I think this may be the trick to a happier tush!

And anything that makes my little man happy,
makes me happy too.

To learn more about the product you can visit their website here.
{Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review but these opinions are 100% my own. My goal with the product reviews is to introduce you to wonderful products that you might enjoy! If you have a suggestion for a product review or any questions please e-mail me @ [email protected]}