Hey everyone! 
Today I’m sharing a super-simple idea activity to do with your little one before Fall is over. I’m curious to see how the leaves hold up – but I’m hoping they keep their color because we laminated the pages! Anywho, here’s how it’s done!
What you’ll need:
– Leaves
– Heavy Book
– Hole Puncher
– Craft Paper
– Markers
– Laminator ( I got mine here )
– Lamination Pouches (also ordered from Amazon)
– Book Ring

So, what do you think? 
Cute – right?
You can even have your little one help color the pages of the book if you’d like! Wyatt was pretty much done with the activity after the leaves were collected but he really likes looking at the finished book! So go out there and get to collecting! You’ve got a leaf book to make!
PS: Sorry for the terrible phone pictures.