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10 Tips to Make Decorating Gingerbread Houses with Kids Easier

Making gingerbread houses with my kiddos is an activity we look forward to every year. And this year wasn’t any different, as soon as I mentioned picking out the supplies to make “houses” they were all over it. Over the years I’ve picked up few key tips to save my sanity when we have our gingerbread house making nights. And I wanted to share them with you!

Here are some tips to follow to make this activity easier with kids:


1 | Use a Table Runner to Lay Out Supplies:

Lay a table runner right down the middle of your table before you start to set up. This will give you a space to put all of your supplies, and it can help guide your little ones to keep all of the decorations in that space. We used this pretty Signature Plaid Table Runner because it is so festive and really helps to set the holiday mood!


2 | Make Icing Simple:

To make the icing simple for kids to use, set them up prior (most have a label to peel off and top to attach) and store them in an open container so you can have them nozzle up. This way, they’re easy to take out, less of a mess, and your kids can see all of their color options in front of them the entire time.


3 | Create Levels

Use galvanized cake stands to set supplies at different levels. Because when everything is laid out it can make accessing everything tricky. Levels help keep things easy to grab when needed.


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