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Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Hello, friends!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day so far! Ever since we completed our farmhouse bathroom makeover back in June I’ve been dreaming of doing the same to our upstairs bathroom. Off our bedroom, William and I have a very small bathroom off of our bedroom, and I’m itching to give it a farmhouse makeover with some Farmhouse Bathroom Decor, too! And you all know I love budget-friendly goodies, so of course I’ve been searching Amazon!

And you guys, I came across so many items, and I had to come on over and share them with you! Take a peek at the list of Farmhouse Bathroom Decor items below and let me know which items are your favorite!

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Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

  1. Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder
  2. Chicken Wire Toilet Paper Holder
  3. Garden Spigot Faucet Wall Hooks
  4. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser 
  5. White Trash Bucket
  6. Two Tier Bathroom Counter Organizer
  7. Soap and Water Sign
  8. Wall Wire Storage Baskets / Shelving 
  9. Enamelware Soap Dish
  10. White (Darla) Ruffle Shower Curtain

Cute, right? I couldn’t believe how many affordable items I found. Especially those wall wire storage baskets, those are so great to hang over the toilet and store toilet paper, magazines, and towels!

Which of these Farmhouse Bathroom Decor items do you love?

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Farmhouse Bathroom Favorites