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Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Can you believe that Halloween is only a few months away? It seems crazy! My kids love Halloween almost as much as I do. The only thing I love more than kid friendly crafts, are easy ones!

These are perfect for days when itโ€™s too cold outside, or just to get your kids excited for Halloween! These make great decorations too! Here are 30+ fun and easy Halloween crafts for kids.

30+ Fun & Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

  1. Lollipop Ghosts
  2. 5 Ingredient Spooky Slime
  3. Witch Paper Craft
  4. 5 Little Pumpkins Coloring Sheet
  5. Tin Can Ghosts
  6. Halloween Bats
  7. Halloween Bat Craft
  8. Craft Stick Spider
  9. Paper Plate Black Cat
  10. Paper Plate Pumpkins
  11. Cardboard Tube Spiders
  12. Spider Headband
  13. Paper Plate Witch
  14. Paper Plate Ghosts
  15. Egg Carton Bats
  16. Handprint Witch
  17. Qtip Skeleton
  18. Spirit Jugs
  19. Popsicle Stick Puppets
  20. Paper Bag Monsters
  21. Frankenstein Sun Catcher
  22. Thumbprint Pumpkin Patch
  23. Popsicle Stick Monsters
  24. Pumpkin Salt Painting
  25. Spider Web Craft
  26. Pumpkin Lantern
  27. Tissue Paper Pumpkin
  28. Painted Monster Rocks
  29. Yarn Mummies
  30. Halloween Lanterns
  31. Spider Kids Craft


Which of these Halloween crafts are YOU the most excited to make with your kiddos?


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Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids