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I really cannot believe the holidays are upon us, can you? They really snuck up on me this year! Thankfully I was able to get most of the things we needed to do organized using my Total Wireless device, so there won’t be a last minute panic! If you’re looking for Holiday Gift ideas, check out my last Total Wireless post, here

staying connected with total wireless

The holidays are always so crazy, you get lost in the madness of it all and sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of taking a breather. The importance of calling your loved ones, and staying connected, even if it’s just to catch up or to wish them a Merry Christmas. It’s so easy to send an e-mail or text, but I know that it means more to have an actual conversation, even when it feels impossible to make the time. 


Total Wireless makes it easy to focus on what matters, and save. You’ll never pay for more than you need, you’ll have service on America’s largest and most reliable network, and you can pick up a phone and a plan at over 3,000 participating Walmart locations!

For the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of using the Samsung Galaxy S 111 phone, testing out the Total Wireless service. I really have loved how simple it is, no worrying about minutes, or counting texts because with the $35 Hero Plan, you’re able to get unlimited talk and text plus 2.5 GB of data per 30-day cycle. You’re covered – whether you’re a talker or a texter, or both – this is the plan for you! 


You’re able to talk as much as you want with those that matter most and staying connected is so important! So pour a cup of coffee, grab a comfy seat, and turn on your Total Wireless phone — because you’ve got some talking to do! 

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